Friday, December 24, 2004

Renata Tebaldi's Personal Life

Opera Singers were the Rock Stars of another generation. They were or could be celebrities if they chose to be or if they had a big enough career to be. Thus, so much of their life was public, should be public, or they let it be public and that is kinda the facts of life. Maybe that is where that word Diva comes from with its more current meaning. Tebaldi had her moments of bling, red carpets, etc. If you chose to be a Diva, well, things do come out and/or maybe they should be explained. Many great Opera Stars have "Personal Assistants", who are Fans, Secretaries, Servants, Gofers, etc. etc. etc. Some PA's have reputations just as good as the star. Some should be Lovers, because they do some of the damned personal things. It will all come out in the wash. Trust me and the rinse cycle will do little to help the situation.

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