Sunday, January 02, 2005

Loud Voices - For Example, Kelm

We sing on colour, not on volume. Even the smallest tone that is produced correctly, will be heard in the largest room. Noise, must mean conflicting overtone series. For examples, the church organ that is too loud, is probably the result of using too many stops or mixtures, where the overtone series is in conflict. Probably a good definition of singing, at this point in history is when the vocal cord pitch and the vowel pitch are in alignment, with the vocal cord pitch's overtone series in alignment with the vowel pitch overtone series. Too loud also has to do with the acoustics of the room. I used to sing at the University of Chicago's Rockefeller Chapel. When singing from the balcony, it was necessary to aim at the support structure of the roof, in order to be heard. At Temple Beth Shalom, Columbus, Ohio, one had to aim at the back wall, for the congregation to hear properly. The greatest theatre in the world is still the box theater. Avery Fisher has been rebuilt, how many times?

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