Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Met's Aida displays a Chapter of Vocal History

This afternoon's Metropolitan Opera Broadcast displayed a wonderful Chapter in Vocal History. Here were singers that had good vocal preparation and training, singing as an ensemble, noble and honest. Bumbry, Hines, Merrill, and Price were so clear and bell like. The recording displayed their talents and voices in an extraordinary light.

I never was fond of the later Price, but today's performance showed talent.

As we listen to contemporary performances, we now hear what I often call imitation of singing. Singers trying to create a voice, instead of allowing their real voice to shine through. Contemporary is darker, less flexibility, an imitation in comparison. Pity.

Maybe contemporary singers learn their roles to fast. Maybe they are not as secure in their craft.

The Art of Singing. A chapter of the Met. An interesting choice to review. Textbook?

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