Sunday, February 27, 2005

Let's Call It: Eastern European Voices vs. American Voices

As I get older, I am amazed by the Eastern European Voice. Certainly darker in colour, with greater muscle tone, but limited flexibility. In the past, technique was better, montare il fiato was utilized for flexibility, especially in the Verdi aria, a long phrase, over a repetitive pulse, with ornamentation. It appears, in recent years, with less vocal study, the messa da voce phrase, to be in charge, has disappeared. Singers are relying on vocal colour, even creating colour, artificially, for their success. Yesterday, was like a painting, painted with only the primary colors - pretty, but without nuance. Vocal Technique sometimes disappears with age, success, but these people were too young in their careers. They were old before their time. Perhaps, the Met needs to work harder on its casting.

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