Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thoughts from Mike Richter

I am extremely impressed with these thoughts from Mike Richter:

"It seems to me that there were many messages or lessons in the program which are worth isolating (and, perhaps, discussing). Among them:

1. There are many with operatic ambitions and raw voices in the community; they need to be found and nurtured in part to show the world that there is satisfaction to be obtained in the pursuit.

2. Even if untrained or poorly trained, a voice with potential can be induced to realize much of that potential in a short, intensive period of training by those with the requisite skills and interest.

3. Opera is about far more than singing - though of course voice comes first.

4. The stresses of developing the ability to perform in opera are far greater than the public does - or should - perceive.

5. Any singer who can deliver on stage is to be appreciated for all that that implies, regardless of vocal flaws, transpositions, cracks, etc.

6. Commitment by all involved may be the most important single factor in the success of such an effort.


What do you think?

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