Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More on Covering

A passaggio is where two registers overlap. Chest voice only goes so high, and head voice only goes so low. The passaggio does not encompass the whole voice. The two registers can only be mixed in this overlap. Chest resonance and head resonance is not the same as chest voice and head voice. Chest resonance is the vibration felt in the chest on low notes. and head resonance is felt in the mask. This can be cultivated throughout most of the vocal range. One can go from pure chest to pure head without a break. Broadway belting is using chest voice without breath support and pushing the voice instead. Pure chest properly sung in an operatic manner is fully supported, and sounds very different. There are three schools of operatic singing in this regard. One avoids chest altogether, one mixes all the notes in the passaggio, and one utilizes pure chest and pure head in the passaggio, and mixes only on certain pivotal notes, and some singers pick and choose according to the style and text. I do agree that it should sound seamless, and these are the three methods to achieve it.

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