Sunday, March 18, 2007

Steber and The Voice of Firestone

Igor Gorin, whose refined voice was very elegant and was a graceful musician, was certainly not the most popular (I. E. most appearances) on Voice of Firestone -- that honor clearly belonged to Richard Crooks, and later, to the soprano he brought onto the program, Eleanor Steber. Crooks recommended Steber to Idabelle Firestone in the mid 1940s, and those two singers together set the record for appearances on thatprogramme. I'm going to concede this point to Jim (MrMyster). I have a log of Voice of Firestone programs from 1945 to the end of the radio program in 1957 and Steber appeared on the program during this period an amazing 109 times! Gorin was on 32 times over these 12 years which was still a lot, more than any other baritone at least! Crooks was only on 5 broadcasts, all in 1945. However, the Voice of Firestone probably started in 1928! And if Crooks appeared regularly from 1928 to 1945, he would surely hold the record. If anyone should have a log of broadcasts prior to 1945 or of the television program, please email me. I'd love to see a copy. There are many companies that issue recordings (mostly mp3s) of old time radio programs - mysteries, comedies, personality shows, but most don't offer the classical broadcasts. However, I have recently found one that is issuing the Voice of Firestone broadcasts on actual CDs. It is _www.redmondnostalgia.com_ ( They do an excellent job and have issued a number of VOF CDs with two 30 minute programs on each disc for a reasonable price. Personally, I've been very satisfied with the quality and can recommend them. I have no connection with them other than as a customer with a desire that they issue more and more of these shows. By the way, if you're a John Charles Thomas fan, be sure to check them out. I believe they have an 8 CD set of John Charles Thomas programs. Greg

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