Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eleanor Steber & Crossover Voices

I sadly have to agree about the ill-advised appearance of Mme Steberat the Continental Baths; Mr Delos is quite right -- the comments areterrible, her faux grandezza just so vulgar etc. And, I understand herappearance in a bath house cost her the teaching position she hadat Juilliard. A mess. And it wasn't even crossover, to be realistic. Steber always sang popular music with her full operatic tone. Andthat was a big mistake -- "Every time we say goodbye" becameManon's farewell, etc. I always thought D. Kirsten was the bestoperatic crossover singer; she used her full range, but a smallertone, and she did not try to embue with "grandeur." It worked,and she understood microphones. Nobody could best Steber with Mozart, but Dorothy beat herevery time with Cole Porter and Jerome Kern. I will say, forVictor Herbert -- who was really operetta -- Steber could do itvery well.

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