Monday, March 24, 2008

Weight Loss and the Singer

If one sings with a "bandage" around the lower rib cage, similar to those> provided when one injures ones ribs and that fastens with a velcro type of> closure, it is possible to experience the sense of support obtained by many> overweight singers. Such an elastic surrounding of the lower rib cage> encourages the singer to push outward or "lean against" this rather firm> enclosure; itprovides a sense of security and "support". Many overweight> singers have, in effect, an elastic bandage of surrounding fat. And it is> most logical that they will instinctively learn a system of breath> management that uses this layer of fat as a stabilizing factor in their> singing.>> ...I think this is very well put. Among powerlifters, you find guys with a large belly who can do really well at squats for the same reason: they lean against their own belly fat and use it as a form of support.>> Of course, it is not necessary for any overweight singer to support the> voice by "leaning" against his/her layer of fat. The overweight singer can> just as easily learn awareness of the diaphragm control of breath as the> non-overweight singer. The difference is that the non-overweight singer> does not have the option of "leaning" against a layer of fat and,> consequently, is less likely to attempt this poorer method of breath> support.>The only thing I'll disagree with hear is the "just as easily" part. I believe it can take a long time for a singer to develop that "awareness of the diaphragm control of breath" and that some never do, particularly if they've had a workaround that never forced them to need this sensation. It's difficult enough that there are a surprising number of professional singers who never do properly learn how to support.

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