Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fees for Singers

I, for one, do not complain about what opera singers make. It's a many arecalled, few are chosen profession. Attaining the level of skill needed toacquit oneself creditably on the opera stage costs lots of money and thesacrifice of a normal life. I don't think they make enough, especially those workingin the rank and file of singers in regional companies.We live in an age of celebrity that is disproportionate to merit. Witnessthe financial success of pop singers vs what they offer in musical merit(spend an hour or so watching MTV - it's about like having a root canal). Thisapplies as well to ersatz opera singers like Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelliwho have been pimped to a gullible public by Public Television. And considerIl Divo, a group peddled by the highly succesful promoter who is a judge on"American Idol" - I can't think of his name, but the upper part of hiswardrobe is limited to gym shirts...Simple Simon something.Paul RicchiBoston

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