Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Master Teachers

I have had the privilege and honor of studying with a number of Master Teachers. A Master Teacher is an older professional that has had an outstanding career and now teaches to help generations. Most were and are teachers in the back of the minds. Victor Babin and Vitya Vronsky had an International Career is a Piano Duo, then became Legends of The Cleveland Institute of Music. Eleanor Steber had almost twenty-five years with The Metropolitan Opera. Joseph Machlos knew everything about Music. Boris Goldovsky knew everything about Opera. Vera Rosza knew everything about listening to the voice. Lorenzo Malfatti was a great guy that told you the truth. The new generation of teachers have been trained as teachers, but lack the experience of performance and hitting the boards. Think wisely about the teacher. I fear the Master Teacher is gone. I fear that this generation of singers has gone to the American Idol.

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