Wednesday, October 19, 2011

These Master Teachers

I don't think I really appreciated a Master Teachera until I met Hermanus Baer.

Hermanus Baer was the operatic great Sherrill Milnes' voice teacher. He taught many international opera singers and had a long and illustrious career. His wife, Rachel, was his life-long accompanist. There were a wonderful pair! R.I.P. Mr. and Mrs. Baer.

Before meet him, I thought that with Older teachers, there was a generation gap or something. Then, suddenly I figured out, my parents were 30 years older than I and had great wisdom.

These older, experienced, Master Teachers were Saints. They knew everything. They knew everyone.

I don't know if this generation appreciates the older teacher. Often they think they know more than the teacher. And thus, they have learned singing by imitation, instead of the rules of singing. Then, they don't remember, do not listen. They lose their voices and blame us. You cannot imitate singing.

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