Thursday, November 10, 2011

One needs to research the song

Singers are faced with a unique challenge among musicians: they must express not just the music, but the lyrics too. To effectively communicate the meaning behind the words, singers must understand the many references embedded in the vast international repertoire of great art songs. They must deal with the meaning of the lyrics, frequently in a language not their own and of a culture unfamiliar to them. From Zelter and Schubert to Rorem and Musto, Researching the Song serves as an invaluable guide for performers, teachers, and enthusiasts to the art song repertoire. the meaning of less familiar literary terms, figures, and authors referenced in song while placing songs in the context of larger literary sources.   The more performers know and understand the literary elements of a song, the richer their communication will be. Researching a Song is a vital aid for singers and teachers in interpreting art songs and building song recital programs.

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