Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Opera as Entertainment

It is simple logic; all art is entertainment, but all entertainment is not art. Art is what artists do; that
is why we refer to singers and musicians as artists.
Artists are hired to design scenery, literary artists,
to write librettos. Nothing in the definition of the word
implies that it is somehow less exalted to enjoy or
be moved by the work of others than to be one of those
doing the work. It should be noted also that there are
many different degrees of artistic endeavor called upon
in the production of entertainment, and that much of the work does not necessarily require "artistic" talents at
all: cf. The Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Doubts may arise when we use the word entertainer.
A painter, or writer, a French horn player, or violinist
may never think of themselves that way. A conductor
like Levine or Toscanini probably wouldn't either, but
Bernstein must have. . . .

From Opera L
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