Thursday, January 03, 2013

As a singer ages ...

When I was in my twenties, I was healthy as an Ox. I walked everywhere, swam daily and went to the gym five times a week. I started The Cleveland Institute of Music at age four. I had quite a Classical Education in Music and the Arts.

I had an Episode of Multiple Sclerosis when I was a Freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University. A tremor and unusual sensations in my left forearm. I ate Soy Beans, the method of rebuilding the myelin sheaf of the forearm constantly. I switched from piano to organ. I regret that one!

The last year has been very trying for me. I have had a number of losses in my family, lost a lot of money, and have awakened an Episode of Multiple Sclerosis. This one being the most serious. A year ago, I could not walk. Gross tremors in both forearms. Seizures in my legs.

After visiting every Neurologist in the world, we have found the correct medicine cocktail for my situation. However, I am exhausted. Highly dehydrated. The whole thing has affected my vision.

As I restart to sing and teach, I find that I have to be very aware of my body, posture and positioning. I catch myself looking over my nose, because of my vision problems. So, I constantly have to tell myself to lift my head.

If it were not for Vocal Technique, I question whether I could sing.

Have you had Vocal Problems? How did you and your teacher work them out?

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