Monday, January 14, 2013

What comes next?

After the coffees, showers and glissandos, what comes next?

I have always been a person who touches the piano, does a few vocalises, and goes about my business. I just cannot sit in the Practice Room or at the piano for hours at a stretch. I don't have the patience. So, I touch the piano, do a few vocalises, do something else. Touch the piano, do a few vocalises, do something else.

When I run out of something else, I play the complete song on the piano and perfect it. So that I know every aspect of the composition. I may listen to recordings, may not.

I was trained with Vaccai and Lutgen by Miss Steber, following the rules of Bel Canto.

What do you do?

Earl Harville:

"I like to do a solid 15 to 20 minute block of vocalizing before I begin teaching or rehearsing. This usually after doing glissandos and tongue stretches in the shower."

"When preparing for a show, I'll first sing through the songs a cappella and play all my piano parts separately for a few days. Then I begin singing while accompanying myself running blocks of my setlist."

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