Friday, May 03, 2013


From a discussion by Randy Buescher on Facebook.

Mentoring. A Voice Teacher.

I remember Norman Gulbransen, always looking at the clock. Teaching privately, yet a University salary. I was called the most expensive Voice Teacher in New York City, by The New York Times, and I probably am. But, I don't think I look at the clock until the room fills up, or students complain. Someone else 's lesson might help them. I might be on a roll. My students now are trying to learn their Scenas, and apply Bel Canto Technique. I have slowed down a little, because of deaths in my family. I think I have more teachers, than Professional Singers as students. Am I a Mentor? I don't give out money. But, I try to give freely of my time. I see singers as Individuals. Everyone has a story. A problem. A Vocal Problem. I think I am more caring than Eleanor, Norman, Boris, Miklos. At least, I hope so.

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