Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A C Douglas

America's interest in matters "cultural" (meaning, of course, "high
cultural" as opposed to "pop cultural") in "gradual decline"(!)? Precipitous
decline, you mean: the snowballing toxic fallout from the equally toxic and
imbecile equalitarian ideology of the Sixties. The postmodern answer to that
circumstance has been an ever increasing surrender by the MSM "smart set" to
those imbecile equalitarian notions and the resulting championing of the
even more imbecile notion that high culture ought to embrace popular culture
and erase the distinctions between it and high culture by making pop culture
an integral part of high culture thereby making high culture (and you should
forgive the contemptible locution) "more relevant".

Is there a "solution" to this noxious trend? Only one I can think of that
has any realistic chance of actually being effective: simply wait until the
current postmodern lunacy dies of its own imbecility. The wait may be a
relatively long one but, thanks to our present digital age, not nearly as
long as such waits used to be.

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