Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Met won't bow.

With activists preparing to picket the Met’s season-opening production
of Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin” tonight, I think it is important that
the public understands why the Met is not dedicating its performance
to the oppressed gay citizens of Russia, even though we’re being
pressured to do so.

Well said, Mr. General Manager of the Metropolitan. Opera House should not be plataform for politiacal or social causes. The message should be through arts. The history shows that Tchaikovisky was oppressed by Russian society. Tchaikovicky's dead, had occured in circumstances that remains controversial until to this day. The official version was that he has died from cholera after drinking unboiled water.In 1970 a Russian scholar conducted other  investigation about the composer dead and concluded that was suicide. The reason was Tchaikovisky was not always carful where and with his conduct his homossexual affairs. So he had been caught in flagrant with anephew of a high- ranking offical. Tchaikovisky's law students colleagues, to avoid a scandal that would reflect badly on them, submmited the composer to a"court of honour" and ordered him to kill himself.Twoo days later he took arsenic. Homossexual acts were punishible by dead in Russia at nineteenth-century.

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