Thursday, October 03, 2013

And then there is Albert

Everybody else has had a say about City Opera, so I wrote one. Can't say
it's more eloquent or original than what I've seen. But I don't call
musicians who have worked harder and longer and at the same or greater
cost to embark on enormously risky careers, which include constant
evaluations of their work than say, surgeons or Republican Representatives,
greedy bums or whatever the idiot called them. Only one of the "how 'bout
dem Mets" philistines here would not know how physically and emotionally
stressful these jobs are or how short they can be -- getting into the
Minnesota Symphony isn't the same as being king or queen of a district
gerrymandered to disenfranchise voters and no one in that orchestra however
stubborn and self interested is as grotesquely stupid, corrupt and
guaranteed a job for life as say, the bizarre Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

The Dead City

Thanks to those who look in and our Cato, Kos.


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