Monday, December 09, 2013

The Value of Music to Society

The difficulty with music is that it does not essentially exist in an intellectual construct.  True, music has form and that can be analyzed with logic and music has harmony and that, also, can be analyzed within a logic construct but the intellectual analysis of music is most unimportant when compared to the effect music has on our deep emotions.  Analysis of emotional content is not unusual but it, ultimately, is little more than the water running off the leaves of trees during a rain;  it has little effect on the leaves and it is not a primary source of nourishment for the tree.

Music affects us much as the sense of smell influences us. It speaks directly to the emotional content of our lives, be they physical, sexual, spiritual or indescribable.  It is the art the does not require any understanding, explanation, nor analysis.  All of these things can add to the art of music but, ultimately, they are little more than rain on the leaves.

Lloyd W. Hanson<>

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