Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Essay of Opera - Tannhauser

As I went through the Saturday activities and my listening to the Metropolitan Opera Broadcast, many things came to mine. It takes years and years of education and experience to appreciate, know, understand, and perform Opera. Even though, I have been criticized as a show-van-ist, eccentric, know it all, an over educated slob, I feel that I have only just begun my education on Opera. There is so much to learn and Wagner certainly was on the right track. This comes as an amazement to me, because I have been performing since a child, and studying for years, with numerous degrees under my belt, and distinguished teachers.

I have often been a critic of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, but today's performance was sterling. Our new Presenter, must have heard my advice, fore she improved tremendously. I still am not in favor of a female Presenter for the Metropolitan Opera. Give me Truman Capote.

Our Baritone, well, he was a know it all, the first time he walked into the studio, and he still has the same vocal problems. He imitates singing instead of singing.

Our Tenor, "Operatic" at times, but outstanding.

Black dresses do sing well.

Some thoughts: Wagner leads to Movie Music. Wagner said it all. What melodies, what motifs. How captivating.

I have been a critic of Merrill. I forgot this recording of "Eri tu". He sang damn good.

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