Saturday, January 15, 2005

I have been searching for the correct word, "Parlando" comes to mind!

As is often the case in the winter, I am sitting at my computer answering correspondence and listening to the historic Met Broadcast of Les Contes. I am amazed at the clearness of reception on WCPE, North Carolina. Crystal clear. I have always had such good luck with that station. Didn't Helen Vanni, my former teacher, sound wonderful. One can always win the quiz if she is the singer to be identified, the voice has a certain distinct sweetness.

I have been racking my brain for the correct word to describe today's performance. The word I have come up with is "Parlando". Not the correct word, but definitely a good word. Here is an era of singing where things are speechlike, one of the principles of good singing that, I always discuss. These people are not creating singing. They already know they have good voices and they are interpreting the music. We are past the Tucker's and Merrill's pushing, belting. These people have studied singing and they know singing. But the biggest joy, these people are not creating an instrument, a voice. They already have it. They are London, Vanni, and a damn good cast. What a joy.

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