Saturday, February 18, 2006


Celeste Aida was not lyric on the radio. The mezza da voce on the B flat was spread. He had used good Bel Canto principles up until the end and then it was like he was exhausted and things fell apart. I was like he was reaching.We seem to have forgotten the legato line, it must be an European thing.Concerning smaller productions and young singers. I site for example, The Lyric Opera of Chicago had a smaller Auditorium, 1/3 the size, for the purposes of smaller productions, other foreign languages. They have a school. They did not use it, and later usurped the space. It appears this approach does not work. The Lyric would claim that they were just as good as the Met.Miss Gruber, was she the cover, prepared?Something must be wrong when one goes to or listens to the nation's finest Opera and finds fault. I realize one cannot bat a 1000 all the time. I know during the war, the Met had problems getting singers, but really. Here is a house that can pick and choose anyone they want in the world. So, I guess, the problem is, who is doing the picking? Is there someone on the list who could help the Met out in casting. Who is available now, with Aida in their repertoire, who could replace what we heard today? Maybe the Met needs assistance in casting. Should we make suggestions?Coughing, and program rattling means something is wrong!

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