Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today's Mess on the Nile

Would that there had been "ice skating upon the Nile" todayrather than the tepid mediocrity we were left with. What ISwrong with Conlon? No tension, no shaping, grand momentafter moment thrown away; this is the second time I've heardConlon conduct in a month (Sibelius violin in LA was other), andhe's acting like an accompanist not a conductor. Bigdisappointment. He needs to get better - quick! No one was very good, and poor Gruber was pathetic. Butwho can criticize her? She's lucky to be alive. We oft are toldto 'hate the sin not the sinner,' and that surely applies here.Gruber had no business in that cast and as far as I can tellno business singing in a classical context in public; it'sa wonder she got through the afternoon, haphazard as shewas. Many loud boos to Volpe and Friend and Billinghurstor whoever pushed Gruber out on that stage; cruel and unnecessary punishment for all concerned, including the radioaudience. Oh to long for Daniza Ilitsch! I never thought it wouldcome to this. Time for a nap; maybe I'll dream of Kurt Baum!Jim/Under-pitched in Santa Fe

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