Sunday, July 30, 2006

Memorizing - Hot Topic Continued

I am afraid the writer of these comments concerning the real purpose of memorizing music is 'way off base, at least with respect to singing. In order for a singer to communicate directly to his or her audience, it is best not to have music on a music stand in the way. However, using or not using music has nothing to do with using or not using the mind. In either case, the mind must be fully engaged with respect to both the music and the meaning of the text in order to fully convey the message to the audience. To do this, the singer (or instrumentalist for that matter) must be fully in command of the use of their instrument, be it the voice or the violin. This is where the tacile memory and the analogy to riding a bike comes in. One cannot, under such circumstances, afford to be distracted by such issues as proper breathing, "internal vibrations" (whatever they may be), or keeping the tongue from restricting the flow of air. These issues must be automatic Doesn't one have to practice to the point where it all occurs as a reflex?

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