Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Passaggio

Hi all, I'm Brad. This seems like a fantastic site.I've been singing operatic arias for about a year and a half. I'm a tenorstruggling to navigate my passaggio. If there are discussions on passaggiotechnique already posted, could someone please direct me to them? I triedthe search engine but couldn't narrow the search to focus on postings aboutpassaggio techniques.Also, could someone please describe the inner sensations you feel when"covering?" I sound ringy to myself, but I've heard I should sound stuffy,as if I have a cold. Any descriptions on how you sound to yourself oncecovered would be appreciated. Thanks very much.Brad

The singing voice is very much like a stick shift car. There are three gears, in some full fledged sopranos, there is a fourth gear, bell register. There may be a few bonuses, chest voice and falsetto. The Passaggio is that area where one needs to shift gears, or the voice could crack, break, stay in a lower gear, etc. Covering is not the hot potato sound, but rather making more room, engaging the clutch, space.

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