Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Craft vs. Art

Craft vs. Art. "Artisan" or Artisanship, that also leads to "stewardship".

There is a big difference between someone who is a craftsman, and one who is an artist. And I feel that there is a big difference between the works produced by craftsmen as opposed to artists. Some "craftsmen" call themselves artists. That they "produce" art. Yes. That is true, to an extent. But for me, true "art" comes from another place in the psyche. It is not just a clever assemblage of items that ends up appearing as a beautiful object, be it a painting, sculpture, novel, or musical composition, created for a specific commercial purpose. For it to be art, it must come to be by not rationallity, or practicality, or for any other purpose other than to just be an expression of the spirit, channeled through the human mind and body. It contains the aspects of technique, skills, learned entities, that are required for the meduim chosen, but they are just the vehicle for the expression. They are not the "art". Therefore, for a singer, or musician, who has not composed the work they are singing, to call themselves an artist, I feel is not the right term. They are craftsmen, or artisans, carrying on the expression of the artistry created by the composer, who is the true artist, through "stewardship". Taking care to keep the works of sonic art alive in the present day. Many composers are, and were, great craftsmen and stewards, but not artists.

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