Friday, December 03, 2004

What is an Opera List?

The nature of an Opera List Discussion Group is to discuss Opera and all of its component parts.

This would involve Current Productions of Opera, Past Productions of Opera, Historic Productions of Opera, Current Singers, Past Singers, Historic Singers, Vocal Pedagogy as it relates to Opera - as in How has the Voice Survived?

I do not believe that an Opera List Discussion should discuss, "I remember the 1938 Production and it was my favorite". Statements should be documented with facts and not lined with personal opinion. Educated Scholars should be respected; some would be better seen and not heard. Philosophical questions should be supported for future generations of musicians.

I do interject questions from time to time. I am still learning. I am not an expert and admit that I am not an expert. I want to learn. Some here, just want to hear themselves talk.

Let us turn our attention to the very difficult Opera, Vespers, and let us see some scholarly discussion of the composition. Quit hacking people down. Mind your manners.

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